Gear Reviews to Look Forward to in September

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Hi all!

We’re still in the process of moving to San Luis Obispo County but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. As of right now, we’re also on track to get this ship back on course by early September.

To get you all warmed up, here’s a quick little preview of some of the articles we have slated for our return!


CIVIVI Reviews

CIVIVI reached out to us about reviewing some of their products. We’re still ironing out the details (including field testing!) but we’re expecting to have our first review out by the end of September.

Before you ask, understand that we’re approaching this situation with total transparency. We don’t pander and CIVIVI knows that our review process is honest; they’re up to the challenge!

On the other hand, we’ve used their products before and we were pretty happy with them (i.e., we wouldn’t have entered a partnership if we felt otherwise).

In the meantime, you can use code RENCAMPEDC on for a variable discount on your order!

GCI Rocker Chair Review

GCI Outdoor chairs are everywhere nowadays. We wanted to see what the hype was all about so we got one for ourselves! First impression: we love it. Now we’re seeing how it holds up beyond our first rendezvous.

We’ll post our review once we reach a verdict!

Debunking (Terrible) Camping Hacks Part II

Our first Debunking Terrible Camping Hacks article was a huge success. A lot of you reached out to us on Reddit to add additional takes and we’re excited to publish the second volume some time next month!

More Ryobi Reviews?

Part of renegade camping is taking advantage of things not normally intended for, well, camping! Our Ryobi review series has been hugely popular among new and existing readers – and we have more where that came from!

Look for our next entry towards the end of September, but while you’re waiting, feel free to check out our existing posts:


October and Beyond!

A lot has changed for the Renegade Camping & EDC team since we first started in March. We didn’t expect the kind of success we’ve enjoyed thus far in our journey and we’re very eager to tackle the next few months!

In the future, you can expect bigger and better things from us as we continue to expand our operation. Right now, our team is very small: it’s basically me (Christian, aka the founder) and a few others who pitch in where it counts!

As we grow, we’re hoping to add on another writer so we can boost and diversify our content! If you’re interested (or know someone else who might be), definitely let us know through the contact page.

Just be warned that our writing standards are very high and we’re only looking for subject matter experts.

And that’s all we have for ya today! Be sure to check out our Instagram and we hope to have another update for you all next week!

Featured photo credit: Joyce Cory

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