Renegade Camping & EDC Returns in September!

Rolling hills of San Luis Obispo, CA. The Pacific Ocean is visible in the distance.

The Renegade Camping team is still moving locations. Here’s a little update from our chief editor!

We’re bummed that we have to pause content for the time being, but we’re expecting to be back up and running by late August or early September in our new location in San Luis Obispo County!

This area puts us a lot closer to things we love to write about so we’re hoping to be able to push out more camping spotlights, better gear reviews, and—well—better everything!

We’re also excited to announce some new (potential) partnerships in the near future! We’ll announce the details as they come.

Thanks for all your patience and we look forward to returning to normal soon!

– Christian Southards, Chief Editor & Founder

Featured Photo Credit: Blake Carroll

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