Trayvax Web Belt Review: Is It a Good EDC Belt?

Stylized image: A detached Trayvax cinch belt buckle rests on top of a Trayvax Original 2.0 metal wallet while the nylon belt webbing encircles both

Unless you’re new to the world of everyday carry (“wait! I am, what is everyday carry?), you’re probably well aware of Trayvax. The brand’s been around for about a decade and is well known for its wallets. But what about their other gear? And more specifically, how does the Trayvax web belt perform in the field?

And more importantly, is it built to the same standard as Trayvax’s kickass wallets

That’s what we’re here to find out! We bought a Trayvax web belt—or as they call it, the Trayvax cinch belt—to fulfill a need for a better EDC belt that could carry the random assortment of gear we carry on our daily adventures or when we go camping. 

So, is it any good? Let’s find out!


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  1. First, What Is a Web Belt? What Are They Used for?
    1. For one, Web Belts Are Highly Functional and Easy to Use
    2. But What Makes Web Belts Good for Everyday Carry?
  2. Okay, so Who Is Trayvax?
    1. Trayvax is Best Known for Their Wallets
    2. But They Also Make Other Gear…
  3. Trayvax Belt Reviews: Specs & Features
    1. Each Belt Is Handmade in…
    2. General Specifications
    3. There Are Two Buckle Options…
    4. Each Trayvax Web Belt Uses Mil-Spec…
    5. Like All Web Belts, Trayvax Cinch Belts Are…
  4. Trayvax Belt Review: Is It Any Good?
    1. Comfort
    2. Durability
    3. Functionality
    4. Value
    5. Warranty
  5. Is the Trayvax Web Belt Good for Camping?
  6. Is the Trayvax Web Belt Good for Everyday Carry?
  7. Trayvax Cinch Belt & General Web Belt FAQs
  8. Our Verdict…

First, What Is a Web Belt? What Are They Used for?

A Trayvax cinch belt still in the package

Simple: web belts are highly adjustable, rugged belts meant for practical purposes or fieldwork. High-quality web belts have super durable webbing that can support all sorts of gear like multi-tools (check out our Gerber Suspension review for a budget-friendly option), knives, and virtually anything else you might want to strap to your waist. 

For one, Web Belts Are Highly Functional and Easy to Use

Most web belts are also designed for quick release—they’re easy to put on and take off. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll just fall off on their own: cinch belt buckles are extremely reliable, using friction for security. Unless you physically take the belt off, it’s not going anywhere.

And since they’re so adjustable, they’re especially appealing to people in between standard belt sizes or anyone who needs to wear multiple layers. 


But What Makes Web Belts Good for Everyday Carry?

If you’re looking for something that can hold all your best EDC gear, web belts are a great choice! Pockets only run so deep, so having a belt with a huge weight capacity is essential for everyday carry.

Alternatively, they’re way less likely to be damaged by pouches or sheaths, which can create an imprint on dress belts over time.

a massive collection of dress belts in various colors, sizes, and so on.
Ordinary dress belts can be used for EDC too, but they’re prone to indenting. (Photo: Keegan Everitt)

Okay, so Who Is Trayvax?

Trayvax is a relatively new, American company founded by Mark King. Over the past decade or so, the company’s built a solid reputation for making high-quality (though often reasonably priced) gear, mostly in the everyday carry realm.

a Trayvax belt buckle resting on top of one of the brand’s wallets
Trayvax: maker of fine metal…things.

Trayvax is Best Known for Their (Badass) Wallets…

Trayvax was one of the first companies to make the slim, metal wallets that are now so popular with EDC enthusiasts. We have an Original 2.0 that we absolutely love (see our Trayvax wallet reviews), but the company now carries about a dozen different options. 

Bonus: the Trayvax Contour is another (more “premium”) option that we really like. 

…But They Also Make Other Gear (Like the Trayvax Cinch Belt!)

Over the past decade, Trayvax has slowly started to develop other everyday carry gear like their Keyton clip carabiner, Shift wallet comb, knives, lanyards, and of course, the Trayvax cinch belt that we’re reviewing today!

Trayvax Belt Reviews: Specs & Features

Alright, so before we get into our review, let’s talk specs and features. Overall, the Trayvax cinch belt doesn’t really differ from other web belts in terms of function and purpose, but its “stats” are definitely worth mentioning! 

Each Belt Is Handmade in the USA

A Trayvax belt buckle with ‘Made in USA’ clearly visible on the front
Note the “Made in USA” stamp.

We’re more concerned about quality than point of origin, but we also know many of you love to buy American. 

Not only are Trayvax web belts made in the USA, they’re handmade.

Sidenote: Trayvax says the reason their products sometimes take a little while to mail out is that they’re often made to order—how many companies do you know that still do that?

General Specifications

The Trayvax web belt is fairly standard in size so most pouches, sheaths, etc. are compatible.

  • Buckle Length: 2.8” (7.2 cm)
  • Buckle Width: 1.9” (4.8 cm)
  • Webbing Width: 1.5”
  • Weight, Depending on Belt Size: 3–5 oz (85–142 g)
  • CCL compatible: yes
  • Sizes: S (30-34); M (34-38); L (38-42); XL (42-46)

There Are Two Buckle Options: Aluminum (Standard) and Titanium

The standard Trayvax cinch belt buckle is made of anodized, aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum. Finish options include black, gray, OD green, blue, and forest green.

Alternatively, Trayvax also offers a grade 2 titanium option that offers enhanced corrosion resistance. However, this option only comes in a natural (silvery gray) finish. If you’re curious about the differences in titanium grades, A Guide to Watch offers a decent explanation within the context of watches (which still works for our purpose).

It’s also worth noting that Trayvax web belt buckles are fully interchangeable.


Each Trayvax Web Belt Uses Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing circles a Trayvax belt buckle that’s sitting on top of a green Trayvax metal wallet

For the webbing, Trayvax uses high-end nylon with a reported tensile strength of 2000 lbs. We’ll talk about this more in the actual review portion below, but 2000 lbs is pretty stellar and opens the door for plenty of other applications. Also, it’s available in both black and tan, and you’re free to mix and match them.

Oh, and while we think the term is way overused, Trayvax says its nylon webbing is mil-spec rated.

Like All Web Belts, Trayvax Cinch Belts Are “Infinitely Adjustable”

This isn’t a unique factor to Trayvax EDC belts, but yes, you can secure the belt at any point on the webbing. This is extremely useful for people who are in between belt sizes or if you need to use the belt for another purpose.

Trayvax Belt Review: Is It Any Good?

An unopened Trayvax cinch belt. The packaging is slightly damaged.

With the specs out of the way, let’s get this Trayvax belt review rolling! Below, we’ve broken down our review into 5 categories. Additionally, we explain how the belt performs in specific contexts in the subsequent sections.

Comfort: 4.5/5

Web belts in general are known for being a mixed bag as far as comfort. On the one hand, you can easily adjust them for a perfect fit (so you don’t have to feel like an 1800s Victorian housewife). On the other, the stiffness of the nylon can be a little uncomfortable until you break it in.

That said, we’re pretty happy with the Trayvax web belt in terms of comfort. The buckle sports a low-profile, minimalist design that sort of contours with your body. Now, we wouldn’t be totally shocked to find that some users dislike the fit but it hasn’t been a problem for us.

Durability: 4.75/5

We bought this Trayvax web belt because of how much we liked our Trayvax Original 2.0 (again, check out our Trayvax wallet reviews if you’re curious). And once again, we’re pleased with the durability of Trayvax’s products. 

The anodized finish feels crisp and smooth—not sharp—and doesn’t scratch easily. Just as important: the nylon belt feels exceptionally robust, if a little stiff at first.

When you have $100s or $1000s worth of gear strapped to your waist, you want something reliable—and this Trayvax EDC belt fits the bill.

Functionality: 5/5

As for functionality, we haven’t encountered any instances where the belt was too big or small to carry whatever sheaths, pouches, and so on. We’re sure there are exceptions, but the width of the belt seems to be fairly standard and accommodating.

Additionally, we’re pretty confident that we could use this belt for alternative purposes (but again, we’ll touch on that later).

A Trayvax belt buckle rests in between nylon webbing that’s been bundled up in a circle
Note that the buckle is removable.

Value: 5/5

The surprising thing about the Trayvax web belt is that it’s really not that expensive. The standard version costs $30–$40 depending on where you look while the titanium model only costs about $15 more on average.

You can also buy the webbing or buckles separately if you want color options or maybe an aluminum option for your normal EDC and a titanium option for heavy-duty fieldwork (although, we’re pretty sure the aluminum option can handle both tasks too).


Warranty: 5/5

Finally, Trayvax web belts come with the same great “65-year heirloom warranty” that their wallets and other gear offers. We haven’t needed to use this warranty for any of our Trayvax gear, but the point of this warranty is that all their products are meant to be handed down.

If for some reason your issue isn’t covered by the warranty, Trayvax offers repair services too (you’ll just have to cover shipping and material costs).

It’s rare to find companies that stand by their products, so the fact that Trayvax offers this warranty is a pretty good sign in our eyes.

Is the Trayvax Web Belt Good for Camping?

a well-lit tent under a crystal clear, night sky. Plateaus are visible in the distance.
(Photo: Sagui Andrea)

Absolutely. In fact, we’re not sure we’ll ever wear another belt camping (like on our next Carrizo Plain camping trip). Aside from the Trayvax web belt being super durable, we’re also very intrigued by the applications of its high-tensile strength.

Even if the 2000-lb strength is exaggerated, that’s more than enough capacity for most of our needs If, for example, we want to bundle a sleeping bag in a pinch or secure some gear to a tree branch, this belt offers the versatility and strength to fulfill that need (of course, don’t get silly with terrible camping hacks).

One of the things we look for in any type of camping gear is multi-functionality. If a tool is designed for X but can be used for A, B, and C too, it’s much more appealing in our book. To date, this belt hasn’t let us down.

Is the Trayvax Web Belt Good for Everyday Carry?

It’s not a secret that the Trayvax cinch belt is designed for everyday carry use. Likewise, it has become an essential piece of our everyday carry along with our Kershaw Blur (see our Kershaw Blur review), Trayvax Original 2.0, and so on.

We’re sure there are other great EDC belts out there, but for the foreseeable future, this is the one we’re sticking with.

Stylized image: A detached Trayvax cinch belt buckle rests on top of a Trayvax Original 2.0 metal wallet while the nylon belt webbing encircles both
Trayvax has a pretty solid reputation as an EDC brand.

Trayvax Cinch Belt & General Web Belt FAQs

Before we wrap up, let’s answer a few common questions!

How Long Should a Web Belt Be?

As long as it needs to be! But generally, we recommend finding something that you can easily wrap around your entire waist without too much fabric left over. On the other hand, some people like the extra length because it makes the belt more functional for other purposes.

In other words, it’s up to you

How Do You Size a Web Belt?

No tricks here: the Trayvax web belt is sized like most other belts (in American sizes, at least).


What Are Web Belts Normally Made of?

Nowadays, most high-end web belts use nylon because it’s durable, flexible, and isn’t vulnerable to ordinary wear and tear. It’s also highly water-resistant. Canvas is another good option, although it’s not as resistant to moisture.

Low-end web belts tend to use polyester or faux canvas. These materials generally aren’t as reliable as nylon or authentic canvas. 

As for other types of EDC belts, leather’s a pretty standard option. However, leather web belts aren’t particularly well-reviewed because the cinch will damage the leather over time.

What Makes a Good EDC Belt?

More generally, EDC belts should offer three things: the ability to resist everyday wear and tear, high tensile strength to carry your gear, and finally, a good fit! 

Too many people will sacrifice comfort for the first two categories, but this is a mistake in our eyes. For one, ergonomics are important for a reason: they cut down on injuries and often prove more cost-effective, regardless of the application.

Is the Trayvax Web Belt for Men Only?

Of course not. Anyone can wear a Trayvax web belt. Duh.


Our Verdict: The Trayvax Web Belt Offers Great Versatility and Functionality for a Surprisingly Good Price

If it wasn’t obvious, we really like our Trayvax cinch belt. It’s a solid piece of hardware that has seamlessly worked its way into both our EDC and camping gear! Better yet, it’s affordable too.

And while we didn’t need another reason to trust Trayvax, we’re glad we invested in yet another one of their products.

Signing Off

Thanks for reading! If you liked this article, let us know! We love continuing the conversation on social media, on Reddit, and anywhere else you can find us. Oh, and be sure to check out our other gear guides and reviews!


The operators of Renegade Camping may receive a commission for purchases made through links on our site. But that doesn’t mean we’re shilling random crap! We thoroughly research and/or own all the products we review on our website. We want to build unshakeable trust with our readers, and that means offering honest, transparent reviews and guides. Cheers!

– The Renegade Camping & EDC team

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