California Governor Announces Plans for New State Park in the San Joaquin Valley

San Joaquin Valley from mountainous view. Lush trees and blue skies paint the landscape. The horizon is hazy.

On May 13, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that Dos Rios Ranch Preserve in Modesto will become the first new State Park in 13 years.

The Dos Rios Ranch Preserve is located in Modesto between the San Joaquin and Tuolumne rivers in the San Joaquin Valley. Currently, the nature preserve is administered by the River Partners organization, an environmental group based in Chico, California. 

The organization is expected to donate the land sometime in the near future, at which point the state will begin developing the site as an official State Park. During this time, the site is expected to remain closed. 

The Dos Rios Ranch Preserve, which hasn’t officially been given a new designation yet, is expected to fully reopen for hiking sometime in the second half of 2023. As reported by the Modesto Bee and stated by State Parks Assistant Deputy Director Brian Dewey, “Dos Rios could get trails, picnic areas, restrooms, and other basics within five years…[and] campgrounds could follow within another five years.”

The Dos Rios Ranch Preserve will become the 280th state park in California.

Tuolumne River with trees on either side in day time.
Dos Rios Ranch Preserve sits between the Tuolumne River, pictured here, and the San Juaquin River. (Photo: Ken Lund)

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– Christian Southards, Chief Editor of Renegade Camping & EDC

Featured Photo Credit: David Prasad

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