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EDC pocket knife with brown handle and short blade

Everyday Carry Guides & Reviews

Plenty of brands make great everyday carry pieces, but what works best for you? From high-end knives to budget multi-tools, we’re bringing you a healthy mix of EDC reviews so you can deck out your pockets will all the best gear!

New to EDC? Learn what everyday carry is here, first!

Steel tea kettle on top of a lit camping stove.

Camping Gear Guides & Reviews

From established classics to gear you might not think to bring camping, our guides offer a new spin on conventional camping wisdom with respect to nature and your fellow campers. Our gear guides are written so that people of all experience levels can benefit!

Bus travelling through Yosemite National Park.

Camp Spotlights & Tips

Learn new tips, challenge outdated or misguided wisdom, and discover the best places to camp in the United States!

California Camping News

Strictly non-partisan, objective coverage of camping news in California: park updates, legislation, and more!

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